What we cost

Residential photography costs

Normal Job: All normal jobs are charged at $250 + gst. This includes elevation where required.
Big House Job: Houses of over 200m²* are charged at $300.00 + gst.  This includes elevation where required.

Walk-Up Job: This is for 12 shots only and are charged at $185 incl gst. Conditions for this are:
                       • Only 12 shots are taken.
                       • No elevated shot, revisit, panoramas or cleaning will be done.

Night photography: In addition to a normal residential job this is charged at $150.00 + gst. per hour.

Elevation Shot only: If only elevated  photography is required this is charged at $150 +gst  (any other shots will mean that it is a normal job at $250.00 + gst).

Floor Plans: Charged at $150 + gst. A big house (see above) will incur $30.00 + gst per every 50m2 over 200m2*

Any normal job requiring more than  75 minutes  incurs an additional cost of $150.00 per hour.  A Big House job will incur the fee after 90 minutes.

Any revisits or split bookings for a property are charged at $50.00 + gst  per extra visit.

• Any jobs outside these parameters will be priced per job.
• All jobs are delivered as full resolution, a low res proof sheet and invoice.
• Rates for multiple jobs are negotiable.

* approximately

Commercial and Industrial work will be quoted per job.